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        Monascus pigments

        Making healthy food with moascus pigments

        Monascus Fermented Food

        We continue to develop new products

        Innovation Center


        For over 20 years, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. Our company invested a lot of money in scientific research, product and process innovation. We cooperated with many well-known universities in China to study the culture technology of monascus, just like the isolation and screening of monascus, the fermentation technology of liquid and solid state, and the control of physical and chemical indexes, and so on. At the same time, we are also developing monascus food and health products to benefit human health.

        Research Center

        With scientific research as the core, the company has 6 authorized invention patents and 13 utility model patents.


        It has a variety of advanced testing instruments and R&D equipment for deep processing of red yeast


        The company pays attention to the introduction of scientific and technological talents, and has more than 60 scientific research teams

        Raw material products

        Understand the natural products of Tianyi biology

        Industry application

        To provide convenient and innovative integrated solutions for the food, beverage, nutrition and health care industries

        Delivery quality

        Safe, natural and healthy, integrated into everything we do


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